cellular SDR

450 and 850-1900 MHz rf heads

Protium Technologies provides a line of RF Heads for cellular telephony applications. These flexible, integrated units have been developed to support GSM/GPRS, CDMA, IDEN, and SMR standards in the 450 and 800-1900 MHz bands. This fully software-configurable Tx/Rx platform digitizes up to 16 cellular carriers and provides a GbE interface to the server.

Technical features and performance specifications are tailored to the critical requirements of the Vanu ANYWAVE® RAN and applicable regulatory agency standards. The baseline architecture of the RF Head permits ready adaptation to different bands in use around the world. Firmware changes and upgrades are handled remotely via a service port. Modular construction allows for commonality of parts and quick service.

Serving as a low-noise receiver, the RF Head downconverts and digitizes a wideband cellular spectrum (entire cellular band) and digitally filters and streams up to 16 channels of I/Q data to the server via a GbE interface.

As a transmitter, the RF Head supports up to 16 channels and provides an adjustable power output level with minimal added phase noise and low spurious content.

Units are available with 4, 8, 12, and 16-channel capacity, in both AC and DC-powered versions. Provided with or without duplexer.

Rear view of software-defined-radio

RF Head with optional duplexer

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