Protium Technologies, Inc.

The company

Protium Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2003. The company is located in Northborough, Massachusetts, where it designs, develops, manufactures and sells advanced digital RF and microwave communications subsystems.

The company is owned by a management team with many years of industry experience. As a result, the company has been profitable since its inception and continues to grow with no debt or external equity financing.

The company specializes in proprietary product designs that seamlessly integrate RF and microwave technologies with high speed digital signal processing (DSP). Manufacture of products in prototype and pilot volumes is performed on company premises, while larger volumes are offloaded to local contract manufacturers.

Protium Technologies' growing list of clients includes commercial OEMs, U.S. Government agencies, and foreign military forces.

The management team

The Protium Technologies management team has many years of experience with the technologies of digital microwave communications.

Richard Gawlik --- President

Rick Gawlik was most recently President and CEO of Sierra Networks, Inc. and SierraCom, its operating unit. The company experienced rapid growth on the basis of fully integrated digital microwave radios and VSAT systems. Earlier, Rick had been Vice President and General Manager at two M/A-COM divisions. Education: MIT, Electrical Engineering.

John Michael Smutek --- Vice President/Digital and Software Engineering

Mike Smutek was Vice President of Software Engineering at SierraCom, where he developed software architectures for a number of digital radio systems. Prior to SierraCom, Mike was Vice President of Engineering at Prepress Solutions, where he led the development of a number of new software and hardware products. Education: MIT, Electrical Engineering.

Richard Hughes --- Vice President/RF and Microwave Engineering

Dick Hughes was formerly Vice President of Engineering at SierraCom, a division of Sierra Networks, Inc. Dick led the development of numerous terrestrial and satellite communications products covering the range from VHF to 60 GHz. Prior to SierraCom, Dick was with GTE Government Systems, Inc. Education: Ohio State University, Electrical Engineering.

Lawrence Fletcher --- Vice President/Systems Engineering

Lawrence Fletcher was formerly Vice President of Technology at SierraCom, responsible for the introduction of new processes and technologies for high performance digital radios. Subsequently, Lawrence spent several years at Cobham Sensor Systems developing military microwave products. Education: Salford University, U.K., Electrical Engineering.

Nicholas DeSilvio --- Vice President/Business Development

Nick DeSilvio was VP of Operations at SierraCom, where he managed a plant that manufactured and shipped over 80,000 microwave radio systems and subsystems worldwide. Prior to SierraCom, Nick was Manufacturing Manager at Microsemi Corporation, where he was responsible for all semiconductor manufacturing operations. Education: Daniel Webster College, Business Administration.

Richard Ledoux --- Vice President/Operations

Rick Ledoux was Manager of Process Engineering at SierraCom, where he was responsible for all microwave radio manufacturing and test processes. Prior to SierraCom, Rick was with Raytheon Corporation. Education: University of Massachusetts at Lowell, Electrical Engineering.

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