direction finding

DF series

The Protium Technologies Dual Band Direction Finding receiver consists of four independent but coherent receivers switchable between the 824-849 and 1850-1910 bands or 880-915 and 1710-1785 MHz bands, with sensitivities better than -102 dBm. Frequency accuracy and timing is set by an internal GPS receiver. Frequency resolution is less than 1 Hz in a 25 MHz bandwidth.

Each receiver is capable of simultaneously processing two independent carriers within a 25 MHz bandwidth. Using SDR and digital signal processing techniques, the unit provides a four-channel-interleaved 1GbE I/Q data stream at baseband for external DF processing and demodulation of GSM and CDMA2000 carriers, including frequency hopping.

The unit also provides a synthesized calibration source at -36 dBm for antenna and receiver gain/phase alignment.

Each dual-band unit is housed in a 1.73 x 17.00 x 8.82” enclosure with provisions for rack mounting (1U).

direction finding radio

4-channel coherent DF receiver

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