rf technologies

Advanced design concepts

Protium Technologies specializes in the design of multifunction modules implemented on high-density multi-layer clad boards that consist of low-loss dielectric and conventional FR4 materials. A variety of hybrid multilayer circuit board technologies are used to promote the co-existence of high density RF/microwave circuits with digital control and signal processing functions, thus enhancing manufacturability and performance consistency. They are designed for surface mount technology and are seamlessly integrated within complex, shielded housings to enable high performance from DC to 60 GHz.

A large number of SMT active devices have been characterized and have proven themselves under adverse operating conditions. When feasible, these are used in new designs to guarantee high reliability. But new devices are continuously being evaluated and their specifications verified for potential use in new designs. When suitable SMT devices are not available, they are acquired in die form and mounted within the appropriate package.

A variety of transmission line techniques are employed as required for RF and microwave circuit fabrication. These include conventional microstrip, stripline, coplanar waveguide, slotline and, where necessary, waveguide transition structures.

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